A regenerative medicine company

Established to transform innovative concepts into cutting edge wound care therapies.

Our patented manufacturing process

Delicately preserves biological materials and produce highly standardised multi-plattform regenerative products that are easy to ship, use and store.

An innovative human amnion-derived regenerative therapy that is ready to use, ‘off the shelf’

Bespoke application

Delivering Omnigen regeneration in the clinic, without the need of surgery.

A complementary tissue service

Providing clinical centres with improved access to Omnigen, whilst avoiding risk of wasting surplus tissue and money.

A regenerative medicine company

Amniotic membrane derived dry matrix (human)

Bespoke contact lens application of Omnigen

Storage to provide Omnigen access when you need it

Creating uniform wound margins for easier application

Developing high quality and affordable wound care regenerative therapies

Latest News

NuVision is Recruiting a Manufacturing Technician

GMP Manufacturing Technician, Industry: Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals. Employment type: Full-Time About NuVision Biotherapies NuVision® (www.nu-vision.co.uk) is a regenerative medicine company recently spun-out from the University of Nottingham. The company was...

NuVision is Recruiting a Medical Science Liaison

About NuVision Biotherapies NuVision Biotherapies is an exciting and growing company in the field of regenerative medicine. We are a spin out from the University of Nottingham and recently won the Medilink Start Up of the year. NuVision’s ground-breaking platform...

Veterinary Newsletter – September 2018


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