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What is Tereo™?

Tereo (Greek) means ‘to protect, to keep guard over, and preserve’. The patented and proprietary Tereo™ process gently preserves the tissue such that it is stored in a dry state, can be stored at room temperature (25°C), and is ready to use at the instance it is needed, straight from the pack.

We’re fully licensed by the Human Tissue Authority

How does Tereo™ work?

Tereo™ processing has been developed over 13 years of academic research. NuVision have adopted Tereo™ with the objective of providing surgeons with a high quality and reliable allograft product compositionally comparable to fresh amnion. NuVision™ is regulated and licensed (licence number 22656) in the UK by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and all amnion donors are screened in accordance with current practices.

We call Tereo™ processed amnion, Omnigen™. Omnigen™ can be distributed and stored at room temperature on the shelf of any medical facility, allowing surgeons to access amnion whenever and wherever they need it, with the reassurance of stability and consistency. Omnigen™ can be directly applied to the ocular surface with ease, allowing rapid in vivo rehydration from eye moisture that initiates the prolonged release of natural repair inducing constituents.

How effective is Tereo™?

When applying the Tereo™ process to amnion, the amnion is carefully isolated from the placental mass with gentle ‘hands free’ cleaning of the tissue to remove any blood, and facilitate clean separation of the irregular and inhibitory innermost jelly-like stromal layer of the amnion, the ‘spongy layer’.

The fresh tissue is then stabilised using vacuum dehydration to produce a sterile, standardised and minimally manipulated highly malleable biological matrix. This retains the inherent trophic wound healing factors, the profile being equivalent to fresh amniotic membrane.

Why is Tereo™ a game changer?

Human amniotic membrane (amnion) has been successfully utilised for decades as an effective surgical adjunct for a wide variety of indications. However, its full potential has been limited due to its perishability and variability in the quality from piece to piece. NuVision has overcome these limitations by introducing the Tereo™ manufacturing process.

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