NuVision® is a spin-out company from the University of Nottingham, incorporated July 2014. The company was established to commercialise high quality and affordable biotherapies for treating ‘front of the eye’ disease and trauma. Dr Andrew Hopkinson, the Principal Research Fellow in Academic Ophthalmology, Division of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham, founded NuVision®. The business is co-owned by the founders, Dr Andrew Hopkinson (Chief Scientific Officer), Professor Harminder Dua (co-founder), the directors Mr Byran Lister (CEO) and Dr Helen Shaw (Medical director), and the University of Nottingham.


NuVision is based at MediCity, Nottingham and GMP manufacturing laboratories, licenced by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), will come online in summer 2015.

NuVision® evolved from an academic translational research group whose success is emphasised and underpinned by a significant track record in scientific publications and presentations, sustained charity grant support and collaborative contracts with industrial (Government) organisations of up to £2 million.

Since the incorporation of NuVision, Dr Hopkinson has secured University of Nottingham Innovation Board Funding of £70k to establish Omnigen manufacturing. This has been supported by £75k of Nottingham Council Technology Fund (N’Tech) and most recently dual Innovate UK funding in the form of a £25k Smart Proof of Market award and £150k Biomedical Catalyst feasibility study funding.

The USP of NuVision is that we were formed from, and is supported by, a world leading corneal research group who’s aim is to address key clinical challenges to provide solutions to sight saving problems.  This is the UK’s first ophthalmic biotech, backed by such a prestigious academic research groups

The company’s launch product is Omnigen™, a biological wound dressing which aids the regeneration and healing of the surface of the eye. Omnigen™ is a first of its kind human amniotic membrane-derived dry preserved biological matrix intended for ocular surface surgical and trauma therapy.