NuVision® Biotherapies has been granted a license by the Human Tissue Authority for export of Omnigen™. This could represent a significant development in the use of amnion in eye and wound care all over the world.

Historically, clinicians have faced major practical, and logistical hurdles when it comes to accessing amnion. Typically, amnion is stored frozen at -80°C. Shipping is an expensive challenge and the end user must use or dispose of the tissue within 48 hours of receipt. It is therefore not possible to stably transport the processed tissue over large areas, and access to remote and developing regions, where it is most needed is greatly restricted.

Omnigen is dry preserved amnion, tested for stability at temperatures ranging from 60°C to – 80°C, which can be easily stored and shipped at room temperature, and has a long shelf life.

Omnigen can therefore shipped and accessed in any clinical environment, where can be used directly or stored for when it is needed. The outer packaging contains an inner sterile packet which simply has to be opened and the disc is available for immediate use.  Omnigen will rehydrate with the fluid on the eye surface once applied.


Omringen is cut to size and can be applied immediately to the cornea. The logo denotes the orientation of the epithelial side.

The technology behind Omnigen has been developed to optimize convenient use for diverse indications. Furthermore, Omnigen is precut into discs, saving preparation time and reducing amniotic tissue waste, this could save resources from a two-fold perspective.


Omnigen facilitates a faster response to an emergency case as it can be ordered from our laboratories in advance and stored at any hospital, or response vehicle for immediate emergency use.  Offering fast access to proven pain relief.


International borders no longer limit Omnigen distribution and it could become a real option for clinicians that treat an enormous variety of eye conditions worldwide. NuVision can ship to any country, subject to local regulations.