MediCity is one of Nottingham’s most important hives of small commercial enterprises that have all blossomed from a different invention. The visit by Nick Hurd MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, symbolises the strong momentum in the UK for new scientific developments, research and innovation in the UK. Before reaching the NuVision’s offices Mr Hurd walked past doors opening up to scientists working on diverse experiments for all nature of new products.

Mr Hurd was eager to hear about the new technology behind Omnigen and patients who would benefit from receiving the treatment. Our Sales and Marketing Director, Kate Pym, explained that Omnigen originates from mothers who wanted to donate their amniotic tissue after birth.

The technicians at NuVision transform this tissue into a biological bandage that helps heal eyes afflicted with corneal diseases. Omnigen has been shipped to clinics all over the UK and Europe to patients who are at risk of losing their vision.

Mr Hurd and his team said they were compelled by the story of Omnigen and felt excited about the expansion of Omnigen use in hospitals around the UK.

Kate and Mr Hurd discussed the regulatory storage hurdles that NuVision is trying to overcome before he offered the company his best wishes and continued his tour around MediCity.