NuVision is excited to announce that we have released a series of new amniotic membrane products designed to treat a greater variety of ocular diseases.

An extended range in sizes of Omnigen available will allow surgeons to tailor their requirements on a patient by patient basis. This could save time previously spent adjusting the disc to fit the case and also reduces the amount of amnion that has to be discarded.

As well as the original Omnigen discs with areas of 80, 500 and 2000mm³ , an area of 300 and 175mm³ are available.  Additionally, a 7.5 x 5 cm strip (Omnigen SJS) can be now be purchased. Omnigen300 is already being supplied in hospitals despite only being available for a short time.

We are committed to continuously improving the range available to our customers and ensuring their needs are fulfilled. We would be delighted to discus usages and modifications of our current products.