The end of June marked the official launch of NuVision’s initial breakthrough product: Omnigen. The extraordinary healing potential contained in Omnigen was dissected and discussed by surgeons who had treated patients in both human and veterinary fields. Ideas and experiences were exchanged as participants explained the novel and unexpected results they had collected when using the dry amniotic membrane on diseased and injured eyes.


The day kicked off with an insightful talk into amniotic membrane by Mr Vijay Shanmuganathan, an eye consultant surgeon who specialises in cataract surgery, cornea and external eye diseases. The presentation looked into the history of amnion usage within the biomedical field, how it had been used in the past, and its future potential.

13580638_1204771539575458_2932534335912622699_oThis was followed by a presentation by Dr Andrew Hopkinson, founder and CEO of NuVision Biotherapies and pioneer of Omnigen™. He explained the principles of Omnigen and the potential revolutionary uses for both animals and humans alike due to its regenerative properties. He also outlined the future direction for Omnigen, which through further development, is expected to have a role in the emergency situation as an easily accessible, ‘off the shelf’ product. Dr Hopkinson also revealed the numerous circumstances where Omnigen has the potential to be beneficial in alleviating excruciating pain and severe inflammation.

Next, there was a wet lab demonstration conducted by the world renowned ophthalmologist Professor Harminder Dua. He demonstrated the simplicity of surgical application of the dehydrated amniotic membrane (Omnigen) to the eye for treatment of both human and animal disease states. Prof Dua also offered his wisdom in open discussion about maximising the restorative and pain-mitigating properties of Omnigen.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.43.27

Professor Dua demonstrating Omnigen application.

Finally, the launch was rounded off with several case study presentations to look at the impact that Omnigen has had for people and animals in the UK and continental Europe. There followed a Q&A session where the delegates had the opportunity to gain more insight into the technology from the experts.

Many current Omnigen users remarked how intrigued they were by the new possibilities of Omnigen application using the techniques and case study insights which had been shared throughout the day.