The BBC was fascinated that the exceptional healing potential of Omnigen isn’t just limited to humans. After interviewing Iain, who described how Omnigen had helped restore his sight after 12 years of eye problems, BBC East Midlands Today featured another success story of a very different patient, Bandit, the French Bulldog. Gareth Jones, the vet at Park Veterinary Group, reported that a destructive rupture on Bandit’s eye had caused so much damage that traditional surgical techniques would have been insufficient to save his sight. However, after treatment with Omnigen, Bandit is no longer squinting painfully and his eye has made a remarkable recovery. As the patient index for Omnigen becomes longer and more diverse, the striking versatility and boundless potential of this treatment is becoming more and more evident. Click below to watch the broadcast.

Although Bandit couldn’t express his satisfication as comprehensively as Iain (the previous patient) he seemed content with the outcome of Omnigen surgery.