Our CEO, Dr Andrew Hopkinson recently travelled Trivandrum, India to present Omnigen to Ophthalmologists and explore the research facilities. The next day he rushed to Precise Eye Hospital, where Dr Jayaram had a long suffering patient with severe inflammatory conjunctivitis, which wasn’t responding to conventional treatment options. Having exhausted all other options, NuVision provided Dr Jayaram with Omnigen and Dr Hopkinson was present in the surgery to provide guidance on the use of the Omnigen as a patch dressing.  On the 2 day follow up the patients’ condition had clearly improved with a marked reduction in pain and inflammation. Dr Jayaram was ecstatic with the rapid results. A week later, the patient no longer had any pain, and the conjunctiva was clearly regenerating under the Omnigen patch. The inflammation had significantly subsided and the patient was very comfortable and could see normally. We are excited to follow the progress of this case and are extremely happy Omnigen provided such a rapid and significant benefit.