Orbis is a fusion between a hospital, an airliner and a school. The revolutionary airborne ophthalmic operating room and and teaching centre has brought crucial eye care services to 92 countries across the world.

The context is that a staggering 80% of people suffering from visual impairment have preventable and curable conditions. 90% of these cases come from developing countries (World Health Organisation eye health global action plan 2014-2019). Orbis is set to spread not only medical aid across the globe but also training and of key ophthalmic techniques and practices. This movement will lead to transformative eye treatments being delivered to people who have previously unreachable.

Some traditional passenger seats remain on the deck facing a screen with a live broadcast from an operating room further along the cabin. Eye health care professionals take their seats to examine the key ophthalmic techniques and practices being demonstrated next door. Orbis also has a laser examination room, sub sterile room and patient recovery room, only the flight deck is recognisable from the original aircraft. This next generation technology perfectly represents the innovation that is needed to address the 285 million people that suffer from vision loss worldwide.

The synergy of engineers from both medical and aerospace sectors have created an extraordinary project to amplify the quality and accessibility of global eye care services. This is greatly needed as the World Health Organization is aiming to reduce avoidable visual impairment by 25% by 2019 in parallel with a growing population.