NuVision Biotherapies sponsor their first surgical wet lab in conjunction with Kestrel Ophthalmics

Two consultant ophthalmic surgeons will lead the teaching day on the application of dried amniotic membrane in a range of ophthalmic presentations

The session will be held be hosted by Mr. Ankur Barua, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon from Birmingham Midland Eye Centre and Mr. Hatch Mukherjee, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon from Colchester Eye Hospital. The event on the 2nd of December 2022 will be held at the ICENI Centre, a specialised medical stimulation centre, which offers surgical training to healthcare professionals both nationally and internationally.

NuVision Biotherapies Ltd ( collect and preserved Omnigen, a human amniotic membrane tissue that is preserved using the Tereo® manufacture process. This allows the amniotic membrane to be preserved as a dry membrane that can be stored between 2 – 25oC and can be rehydrated in vivo. Amniotic membrane is transplanted in ophthalmic subgroups due to its barrier properties that support the natural healing of the ocular surface. Secondary to this, NuVision supply a bandage contact lens called OmniLenz, which can be used to apply Omnigen onto the amniotic membrane in a sutureless fashion in an outpatient 4 – 6 minute procedure.

The agenda of the day will begin with a keynote presentation from the experts leading the session. Following this the wet lab session will begin with attendees undergoing the Shammas Technique; a multi-layer amniotic membrane graft and then followed by the application of a 50mm amniotic membrane disc in a sutureless manner using a symblepharon ring. Finally, the users will gain some experience applying Omnigen-OmniLenz.

The focus of the meeting is to engage and support clinicians with minimal experience in handling amniotic membrane to give them confidence in the application of the tissue for a range of clinical presentations.

To sign up for the free session to join us on the 2nd December 2023, please contact: or for more information on NuVision or Omnigen, please contact:


The ICENI Centre:

The ICENI Centre is a specialised medical stimulation training centre covering a range of disease specialisms including, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, general surgery, and cardiology. The centre is based in Colchester, Essex, UK and brings together leaders in healthcare to share their skills, knowledge, and experience of best practice, through a diverse range of learning resources.

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Kestrel Ophthalmics:

Kestrel Opthalmics (a Cutting Edge company) has been supplying the UK Ophthalmology market since 2001. Since launch, our product portfolio has expanded, our knowledge of ophthalmology expanded, and our team has grown. Kestrel Ophthalmics’ products are high quality and highly innovative, whilst also being cost effective. Kestrel Ophthalmics aims to deliver a consistently high level of care and expertise to all customers and suppliers.

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NuVision Biotherapies 

Based in MediCity, Nottingham, NuVision Biotherapies is a tissue-therapy company recently spun out from Academic Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham. NuVision was established in 2015, founded on investment from Mercia Fund Management, to develop and bring to market cutting edge therapies.

About Omnigen

Omnigen is a patented, dry preparation of human amniotic membrane, made from the sac surrounding the baby during pregnancy. The Tereo® manufacturing process, developed at the University of Nottingham Ophthalmology department, transforms this waste product of birth into a sterile and stable dry regenerative therapy that can be easily shipped and accessed anywhere in the world. Omnigen is applied directly to the wound dry and is rapidly and effectively rehydrated using surrounding moisture to immediately reactivate the beneficial properties to promote tissue repair and healing in a variety of ways. The product represents a unique and versatile “off-the-shelf” regenerative product and may be stored long term. The Tereo process preserves the wound healing action and provides surgeons with an effective sight saving therapy that could provide a meaningful benefit to patients, including those suffering from ocular surface disease and conditions with unmet medical need.

About OmniLenz 

OmniLenz is a bespoke bandage contact lens designed to apply and hold Omnigen at the ocular surface without the need for sutures or surgery. OmniLenz is manufactured for exclusively for NuVision by Menicon UK. Omnigen can be applied by OmniLenz using a simple 4 – 6-minute procedure in an outpatient setting. The decision to apply Omnigen to the ocular surface using OmniLenz is at the discretion of the clinician.

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