Stainless steel circular seamless sharp blade

Useful for:

  • Preparing the wound for Omnigen application
  • Cut larger Omnigen into smaller sizes
  • General biopsy punch

Available in 3 sizes: 15, 20 and 25 mm diameter

  • (10mm Cutter in pipeline development, contact us should this be of interest)

Safety capped for your protection

  • Single handed ejection cap

Sterile until seal is broken

  • Used in Omnigen manufacture to cut many discs
  • Sterilised by Ethylene Oxide ETO


OmniCutters are custom made with a seamless, circular, stainless steel precision blade. They are designed to remain sharp throughout the Omnigen manufacture process to cut large quantities of Omnigen discs without becoming blunt.

Following discussions with veterinary ophthalmologists, OmniCutters may provide surgeons with the means to prepare a uniform wound margin for a superficial keratectomy and effective application of corresponding sized Omnigen. 

By offering a range of cutter sizes, the shape of the defect can be modified to prepare for Omnigen graft application. Alternatively, OmniCutters can be used to transform larger Omnigen discs into multiple smaller discs for multi-layered grafting. 

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