Always have access to Omnigen when you need it, so you never lose it

The Service

OmniStore is a service offered to hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales, providing the opportunity to return unused, unopened Omnigen to NuVision Biotherapies Ltd so that we can store your product under our Human Tissue Authority Licence, and return it to you by recorded delivery when you next need it.

Key benefits of the service

Omnigen left over after surgery, or procedure cancelled?

You no longer have to dispose of unused amnion*

Unsure if the procedure will need Omnigen?
Order Omnigen ‘just in case’ *
Concerned the procedure will be more complex?
Order extra Omnigen for assurance*
Unsure which Omnigen you need?
Order several sizes*
Have a busy clinic?
Order a stock of Omnigen to fulfil your need*
Need Omnigen on the shelf all the time?
Introduce cyclic ordering*
Is the ordering process slow?
Order Omnigen straight into OmniStore, and call us when you need it*

*Unopened Omnigen can be returned to NuVision® for safekeeping (under NuVision’s HTA storage licence), and NuVision will redeliver on request. Terms & Conditions apply.

How the Service Works?

  • NuVision Biotherapies Ltd receive an order for Omnigen. Omnigen is sent recorded delivery to arrive at the required delivery address within the required time window specified by the customer.
  • The Omnigen is delivered in a brown outer cardboard box, containing a delivery note and return labels, and an inner cardboard box, containing the required number of individually packed Omnigen pieces. Each individual pack is contained within a white and transparent, non-sterile package. Inside the non sterile packaging is a silver sterile packet containing the Omnigen and 5 labels relating to the specific tissue for recording in patient notes.
  • The customer should retain all of the original packaging, including the outer cardboard box.
  • In the event that the Omnigen is not required, or that 1 or more packs remain unopened and the outer white packaging is intact, the customer notifies NuVision by email of what is being returned.
  • The customer then uses the original delivery packaging, including the outer and inner boxes to pack the Omnigen to be returned. The return labels should be attached to the outside of the box, with the date written onto the appropriate label, and initialled by sender.
  • The Omnigen should then be sent by recorded delivery (at the cost of the customer) back to NuVision.
  • NuVision will notify the customer by email upon receipt of the product.
  • When the customer requires the return of the stored Omnigen, they should notify NuVision by email, with the delivery requirements and NuVision will return the Omnigen recorded delivery at no additional charge.

If you would like more information and detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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