ROMEO Ophthalmology

Registry of amniotic membrane outcomes in Ophthalmology

The new way to map your amniotic membrane use.

ROMEO Ophthalmology is a user-friendly registry, which allows the recording and collation of the efficacy and safety outcomes for any amniotic membrane application. Users have access to reports on their information in the registry that may be used for clinical studies, internal audits or publication.

ROMEO Ophthalmology is freely available to any eye care professional, just simply register to gain access.

Romeo Opthamology

How does ROMEO Ophthalmology work?

What are the benefits of ROMEO Ophthalmology?

Clinically evaluate

Monitor and benchmark anonymous real-world clinical and safety outcomes of amniotic membrane use in a range of clinical ophthalmology situations

Track application diversity

Understand clinical pathway patterns and monitor quality of care involving amniotic membrane transplantation

Compliance Improvement

Capacity to identify and capture unreported regulatory events (e.g., SAEARs) outside of the standard mandatory process

Conduct research

Access your data at any time, or request national data interrogation, for use in: audits; clinical publications; conference presentation and health economic assessment

Standardise use

Refine amniotic membrane transplantation procedures in the ophthalmology network to improve clinical strategy and develop guidelines using real world clinical data

Can I access my data on ROMEO Ophthalmology?


At any point, you can request a report of all the data you have logged onto ROMEO Ophthalmology.

Your data can be reported to you in tabular or graph formats for simple data analysis. The data logged into ROMEO Ophthalmology, could be used for the generation of:

  • Audits, clinical assurance, and safety performance analysis
  • Clinical publications, pilot data and conference presentations
  • Health economic assessment

How is my data stored on ROMEO Ophthalmology?

The ROMEO Ophthalmology system is stored by a dedicated external service provider, whom is fully GDPR compliant.

Data from ROMEO Ophthalmology is stored on servers hosted on the NHS network (N3) within a data centre in London, United Kingdom. The service delivery and information governance provided complies with ISO 20000 and ISO 9001 accreditation and the security structure is aligned alongside ISO27001. Our service provider is assessed against NHS information governance standards.

ROMEO Ophthalmology is fully funded by NuVision Biotherapies and they are considered the data controller. However, patient data is not processed, hosted or stored by the company.

For more information on ROMEO Ophthalmology, please contact NuVision directly