OmniLenz® bespoke contact lens

Information for clinicians

What is OmniLenz?

OmniLenz is a bespoke bandage contact lens (BCL) that allows suture-free transplantation (onlay-graft application) of Omnigen in an ambulatory and outpatient setting.

OmniLenz means patients benefit from the regenerative properties of Omnigen without the need for surgery. OmniLenz is suitable for a range of applications.

  • Simple 4-6 minute procedure
  • Suture-free technique
  • Accessible for a range of aetiologies
  • Available in non-elective emergency and outpatient settings
  • Earlier intervention for better outcomes
  • Available in two sizes for a wider range of treatment options

How it works

OmniLenz is applied to the surface of the eye in a similar manner to a standard BCL. This means Omnigen can be applied routinely in an outpatient clinic where surgery is not available. OmniLenz removes the need for sutures, preventing iatrogenic damage to the compromised ocular surface.

OmniLenz is derived from a high-water content soft material BCL base which sits securely on the ocular surface and is well tolerated by the patient.

The simplicity of application means non-surgical healthcare professionals can be trained to apply OmniLenz giving patients immediate access to regenerative care.

Quick access means more than convenience, early intervention means:

  • Prevention of corneal damage that could cause visual impairment
  • Successful for the treatment of refractory conditions
  • Effective and efficient care pathway 
  • More patients have access to treatment
  • Reduced healthcare resource utilization and cost


How to apply Omnigen using OmniLenz

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OmniLenz specifications

The OmniLenz family comes in two variations, the C-range for corneal coverage and the L-range of corneal, limbal and conjunctival coverage. OmniLenz C is a 16mm bespoke contact lens intended for the specific application of Omnigen C (12mm diameter).


Indications for use

OmniLenz can be used in a range of settings including:

  • Acute and chronic Keratitis
  • Acute and persistent epithelial defects
  • Chemical/thermal injury
  • Corneal symptoms of cicatrising conjunctivitis
  • Recurrent corneal erosions
  • Neurotrophic cornea

OmniLenz may not be suitable for use in patients who exhibit abnormal blinking, excessive eye rubbing or who are unable to give informed consent.


Why OmniLenz?

OmniLenz allows the quick application of a regenerative therapy (Omnigen) to the surface of the eye in an ambulatory setting.

This saves time, resources and cost while ensuring treatment is received as quickly as possible for best clinical outcomes.

OmniLenz has a range of benefits when compared to use of amnion in a surgical setting and standard of care.


Compliance with Human Tissue Authority (HTA) regulations

Ambulatory transplantation of Omnigen using OmniLenz is considered a human tissue transplantation procedure, therefore use of Omnigen and OmniLenz should comply with traceability requirements within your territory.

Activity recording involving the application of Omnigen with OmniLenz in the United Kingdom will be based on two NHS OPCS codes: C46.6: Amniotic membrane graft to cornea and C51.5: Placement of therapeutic contact lens on to cornea.