Amniotic membrane derived dry matrix (human)


A unique ‘off the shelf’, transportable biological matrix that can be used as an effective regenerative therapy for a range of wound care indications, including ocular surface indications. Through the Tereo manufacture process, Omnigen uniquely overcomes the reported limitations associated with conventional cryo- and dry preservation techniques, to retain the natural regenerative properties of fresh amnion in a dry and stable transplant matrix. Omnigen will equip civilian, military and veterinary clinicians with an easy access and easy to use regenerative therapy, allowing them to effectively treat ocular surface disease and trauma in surgery, in the clinic or in the emergency room.

No refrigeration required – simple storage

Omnigen is dry and contains no viable cells. It may be stored at room temperature (25˚C), so it is ready to use straight from the sterile pack. There is no longer any need to be concerned with keeping amnion frozen, thawing it, having to pre-plan use or risk wastage.

Tereo processed – originality preserved

Our objective has been to retain the originality of amnion. Omnigen is manufactured using a patented preparation and drying process called Tereo. This process allows retention of the natural trophic components present in fresh amniotic membrane, an element believed to be linked to wound healing performance (Allen C.L., et al 2013)

Stocked at the point of care – Ready when you are

Omnigen is a stable matrix developed so that it may be stored at the point of care, at room temperature. As a stock product, it is therefore ready to use immediately when clinically required. Omnigen can thus be routinely accessed in emergency situations as well as to treat the diseased ocular surface.

Easy to apply and orientate

Omnigen is easy to manipulate. Supplied in a bespoke delivery tray, it may be removed and applied dry, directly to the eye, where it can be rapidly rehydrated by ambient in vivo moisture of the eye. The epithelial side is marked for confident orientation.

Range of pre-cut sizes

Quality and Safety

Omnigen is processed from amniotic membrane donated by UK donors undergoing elective caesarean section births at NHS hospitals. Donor eligibility is assessed via the donor’s history, a face-to-face medical/social history interview, and mandatory blood tests. Omnigen is aseptically processed under Grade A clean room conditions and undergoes antibiotic decontamination. The culture negative microbiological status of the processed product is validated by an independent laboratory prior to release.

Why is amnion special

Amniotic membrane (amnion) is the thin avascular inner layer of the foetal membrane, which surrounds, protects and nurtures the foetus during pregnancy. The amnion produces important proteins, responsible for promoting the normal growth and development of the foetus [1]. These proteins exhibit immunoregulatory[2, 3], anti-fibrotic[4, 5] anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic, non-tumorigenic[6, 7] and wound healing characteristics. When appropriately preserved, the beneficial effects of reducing inflammation and neovascularisation, and promoting wound healing can be maintained [8] to promote regeneration of healthy tissue. This foetal derived tissue[9], does not express antigens of histocompatibility and therefore delivers a low risk of immunogenicity[2, 6]. As a transplant therapeutic graft, amniotic membrane has the advantage over other biologic tissues that it is thinner and better tolerated by the patient.

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