Our unique manufacturing process

Tereo unique processing

Tereo is NuVision’s patented manufacturing process, used to delicately process and effectively preserve human amniotic membrane in a dry and stable format.

The Tereo process is a product of 15 years of research from the University of Nottingham ophthalmology department. Tereo produces a transplant allograft product with key attributes:


Tereo uniquely preserves the structure, composition and bioactive properties of fresh amnion to provide Omnigen with improved healing properties.

The process

The Tereo process involves highly standardised steps and validated processing steps. Amongst others, core to Tereo are the patented delicate spongy layer removal and evaporation process.

This means Tereo process amniotic membrane can be stored and shipped at room temperature with no need for freezing or preparation prior to application, ready to use when you need it.


Step 1

Care is taken to collect, transport and store fresh unprocessed amniotic sac to retain bioactive components of the fresh tissue. Specific regions of amniotic sac are uniquely selected to ensure the final product is highly standardised.


Step 2

Amnion is carefully isolated from the placental tissues and subjected to a sequence of gentle washes to remove blood contamination. 


Step 3

The spongy layer, the jelly-like stromal components, is carefully removed from the amnion using a patented process which is achieved without damaging the tissue.


Step 4

The amnion is aseptically processed to remove any potential remaining contaminants and treated to stabilise the tissue during dehydration. 


Step 5

Amnion is delicately dehydrated using a patented low temperature vacuum evaporation process. This results in a stable, dry, standardised, minimally manipulated and highly malleable matrix – Omnigen.

The result

Tereo process amniotic membrane retains the natural structure and regenerative composition inherent to amnion and rehydrates using moisture on the surface of the eye.

Once rehydrated, Tereo processed amniotic membrane is a comparable thickness to fresh amnion.

The benefits of Tereo processing

The clinical benefits of amniotic membrane in ophthalmology have been known for decades. However, challenges with tissue storage,  logistics and accessibility, have restricted its use. 

Tereo processed amniotic membrane overcomes known challenges by retaining the natural qualities of fresh amnion in an accessible and easy to use product.