Delivering Omnigen regeneration without the need for surgery


The bespoke contact lens that allows simple application of Omnigen to the ocular surface. OmniLenz conveniently delivers an on demand regenerative therapy for the treatment of a variety of indications.


Surgery-free application

OmniLenz secures Omnigen to the ocular surface without the need for surgery. This means a regenerative therapy is now routinely available in emergency and ‘in-clinic’ situations where surgery is not immediately accessible or where theatres are unavailable.

Suture-free application

OmniLenz application of Omnigen does not require sutures, thus reducing further iatrogenic damage to the already compromised ocular surface.

Easy to apply and remove

OmniLenz is an adaptation of a standard and easy-to-apply contact lens design. It allows straight-forward application of Omnigen, which is as simple as applying a contact lens.

Patient comfort

OmniLenz is derived from a high-water content soft material contact lens base (Menicon 72%) that sits securely at the ocular surface to provide protection and comfort to the eye, allowing effective regeneration beneath.

Long-term application of Omnigen

The unique and innovate modi cation of OmniLenz allows the effective and well- tolerated application of Omnigen at the ocular surface.

Early and immediate intervention

OmniLenz is stored ‘on-the-shelf’ at the point-of-care. It is therefore readily available on demand, allowing rapid and effective treatment of indications, even at first presentation.

Simplifies the clinical process

The simplicity of using OmniLenz to apply Omnigen means that clinicians can train non-surgical healthcare professionals to apply OmniLenz, saving time in busy clinics and emergency departments.

Packing, handling and storage recommendations

OmniLenz is presented in a clear vial labelled with lens speci cations and stored in a solution of 0.9% Borate Bu ered Saline. It can be stored at room temperature until the stated expiry date, providing a 5-year shelf- life. OmniLenz use with Omnigen is discretionary and dependent on the prescribing physician. Recommended maximum wear of 14 days. Do not use if the package is broken.

OmniLenz application guide