Surgery-free amniotic membrane treatment is shown to benefit patients with acute chemical eye injuries

Study demonstrates the benefit of OmniLenz applied Omnigen in the early management of acute chemical eye injuries (CEI) in the first prospective study of its kind.

We are excited to share the results of a ground-breaking study titled “Clinical outcomes of vacuum‐dehydrated amniotic membrane (Omnigen) mounted on contact lens (OmniLenz) in eyes with acute chemical eye injuries.” The study, conducted by Dr. Nancy Lofty and associates at Farwaniya Hospital, Kuwait, was recently published in Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology on June 26, 2023.

In this prospective interventional study, 23 eyes of 21 patients with acute chemical eye injuries (CEI) were evaluated. The patients were treated with Omnigen® applied using OmniLenz ® and followed up for at least one month. The primary outcomes measured were epithelial defect and limbal ischemia, while secondary outcomes included best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and tolerability.

The results showed remarkable improvements in the clinical outcomes of patients treated with Omnigen-OmniLenz. After the initial application of Omnigen-OmniLenz within the first two days following the chemical burn injury, there was a significant reduction in the size of the epithelial defect and an improvement in BCVA. Complete healing was already achieved in 52% of eyes, and more than half of the eyes saw the restoration of limbal vascularity. In cases of ocular chemical burns classified as grade IV according to the Roper-Hall classification, five eyes required a second application of OmniLenz.

By the end of the follow-up period, all eyes achieved complete epithelial healing, with only three eyes showing mild persistent limbal ischemia. The final BCVA demonstrated a significant improvement compared to the baseline values. Even in cases of grade IV ocular chemical burns, repeat application of Omnigen-OmniLenz proved beneficial.

The study also highlighted the ease of applying Omnigen-OmniLenz, its excellent tolerability by patients, and the absence of complications. This technique eliminates the need for sutures or glue, offering a convenient and effective option for treating acute CEI.

While further research and larger studies are necessary to validate these findings and explore the long-term effects of this treatment approach, this prospective study represents an important milestone in demonstrating the promising clinical outcomes of Omnigen-OmniLenz in the early management of acute chemical eye injuries.

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About Omnigen

Omnigen, Tereo processed amniotic membrane is a patented dry preparation of human amniotic membrane.  The amniotic membrane is the innermost layer of the placental sac, which protects and holds the foetus during pregnancy.  NuVision upcycles and transforms this waste product of birth into an effective wound care product. The Tereo manufacturing process, developed at the University of Nottingham’s Academic Ophthalmology department, transforms this waste product of birth into a sterile and stable dry therapy that can be easily shipped and accessed anywhere in the world. Omnigen is applied directly to the wound dry and is rapidly and effectively rehydrated using the surrounding moisture of the eye. The product represents a unique and versatile “off-the-shelf” healing product, and it may be stored long-term. The Tereo process preserves the natural integrity of the amniotic membrane and provides surgeons with an effective therapy that could provide a meaningful benefit to patients.

About OmniLenz 

OmniLenz is a specially modified bandage contact lens designed to apply and hold Omnigen at the ocular surface without the need for sutures or surgery. OmniLenz is manufactured exclusively for NuVision by Menicon, UK. Omnigen can be applied by OmniLenz using a simple 4 – 6-minute procedure in an outpatient setting. The decision to apply Omnigen to the ocular surface using OmniLenz is at the discretion of the clinician. 

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