Now Recruiting: Next Phase Clinical Evaluation to Optimise a Routine Treatment for Dry Eye

People across the West Midlands and surrounding area have the opportunity to take part in an exciting next phase clinical study in an effort to help millions who suffer from Dry Eye.  One in four of us will suffer from this debilitating condition with symptoms including sore, gritty, itchy, watery, or irritated eyes with or without discharge, and eye fatigue / strain.

Aston University Eye Clinic is partnering once again with Nottingham based company, NuVision to help tackle the condition using a demonstrated eyesight-saving product, Omnigen, already in routine use within the NHS to help treat ocular surface disease including, corneal defects, ulcers, infections, and trauma.

The team at Aston University has now successfully demonstrated the clinical utility of Omnigen as a potential new treatment for moderate-to-severe Dry Eye Disease. In the recently completed randomised controlled trial, a one-week treatment of Omnigen significantly improved patient symptoms.

Aston University Eye Clinic is now seeking adults aged +18, with good vision in both eyes, diagnosed with moderate-to-severe Dry Eye Disease, and experiencing unmanaged symptoms even with current treatments for several months, to take part in the next phase of clinical evaluation.

The aim is to evaluate the benefit of Omnigen with different parameters, applied with a specialist bandage contact lens, in improving treatment comfort, patient compliance, experience, and clinical efficacy to achieve long-term relief of symptoms.

Professor James Wolffsohn from Aston University said: “Dry eye can be a severe, chronic and debilitating disease. We want to see how we can help people with dry eye by applying this lens, it could give longer-term relief.”

See if you qualify

If you have dry, irritated eyes that severely disrupts your day, have already tried drops and warm compresses and have not found them beneficial, and are interested in taking part in the study, please email: or call +44 (0) 121 204 4400 to arrange a free consultation.