NuVision and Dendrite launch ROMEO Ophthalmology Registry to assess amniotic membrane transplantation

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UK Company Launches National Registry for Amniotic Membrane Outcomes in Ophthalmology (ROMEO Ophthalmology)

This online data registry will allow eye care professionals to record safety and outcome data of all amniotic membrane transplantation procedures and concomitant treatment methods for a range of patient aetiologies, in order to help improve the community’s knowledge and understanding on amniotic membrane use ophthalmology.

NuVision Biotherapies, in conjunction with Dendrite Clinical Systems, have launched ROMEO Ophthalmology, a free to use online registry platform which allows eye care professionals in the UK and further afield to log their clinical and safety outcomes of all amniotic membrane procedures.

ROMEO Ophthalmology permits data from any amniotic membrane preparation to be recorded, allowing for comprehensive surveillance of safety and clinical outputs. The aim of the registry is to form a consensus on the indications in which benefit from amniotic membrane in order to shape improved patient care, including identifying contraindications.

Amniotic membrane can be transplanted in a range of eye conditions, such as ocular burns or ruptures and has been popular for ophthalmic surgery since the 1990’s. New technological developments have allowed for amniotic membrane to be applied in an outpatient setting rather than surgically, opening up amnion’s capacity to be used in a wider range of conditions, such as dry eye disease, non-healing superficial defects and inflamed ocular surfaces. 

ROMEO Ophthalmology allows doctors for the first time to easily assess, audit and publish real world outcome data around the effectiveness of amniotic membrane transplantation in their care pathways,” explained Dr Andrew Hopkinson, NuVision Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “Amniotic membrane use is expanding in Ophthalmology, becoming more widely accessible in outpatient departments, as well as increasingly used in the traditional surgical setting. This has meant that a wider range and more mainstream aetiologies have the potential to benefit from amniotic membrane. However, this creates a need for greater clinical surveillance – meaning a timely opportunity to launch such an easytouse digital reporting platform.

Similar systems, such as the European Cornea and Cell Transplant Registry ( are available and have been successful for the reporting of corneal transplants. However, ROMEO ophthalmology is the first of its kind registry for amniotic membrane. This online registry aims to help improving patient care by allowing improved clinical governance and understanding, regarding safety and efficacy.

“Using Dendrite’s intuitive Intellect-Web registry software, ophthalmology specialists in the UK can now record and report vital procedural and patient data on all amniotic membrane transplantation procedures and concomitant treatment methods,” commented Dr Peter Walton, Managing Director of Dendrite Clinical Systems. “By collecting these data, it is hoped eye-care professionals will be able to identify strategies to determine the most suitable paradigm when considering treatment options for corneal injuries.”

For more information on ROMEO Ophthalmology or to register and start recording data –  visit:


NuVision Biotherapies

Based in MediCity, Nottingham, NuVision Biotherapies is a regenerative medicine company recently spun out from Academic Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham. NuVision was established in 2015, founded on investment from Mercia Fund Management, to develop and bring to market cutting edge, regenerative therapies.

About Omnigen

Omnigen is a patented, dry preparation of human-derived amniotic membrane, made from the sac surrounding the baby during pregnancy. The Tereo® manufacturing process, developed over 18 years at the University of Nottingham Ophthalmology department, transforms this waste product of birth into a sterile and stable dry regenerative therapy that can be easily shipped and accessed anywhere in the world. Omnigen is applied directly to the wound dry and is rapidly and effectively rehydrated using surrounding moisture to immediately reactivate the beneficial properties to promote tissue repair and healing in a variety of ways. The product represents a unique and versatile “off-the-shelf” regenerative product and may be stored long term. The Tereo preserves the wound healing action and provides surgeons with an effective sight saving therapy that could provide a meaningful benefit to patients, including those suffering from ocular surface disease and conditions with unmet medical need.

About OmniLenz

OmniLenz is a bespoke bandage contact lens designed to apply and hold Omnigen at the ocular surface without the need for sutures or surgery. OmniLenz is manufactured for exclusively for NuVision by Menicon UK. OmniLenz can be applied in a simple 4 – 6 minute procedure in an outpatient setting.

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Dendrite Clinical Systems

Over the past 28 years, Dendrite has become one of the leading suppliers of clinical software to hospitals and institutions worldwide Since its conception, the company has maintained a belief that clinical data collection and analysis is crucial in achieving effective clinical audient and ultimately, improving patient outcomes. Dendrite provides consulting and publishing services for the international healthcare sectors and now has expanded to a global database of hundreds of hospitals, with over 200 national and international registries in more than 40 countries.

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