OmniLenz® application of Omnigen®: Our simple 4 – 6 minute procedure for suture free ambulatory application of Omnigen amniotic membrane

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OmniLenz is a bespoke bandage contact lens that allows for easy application of Omnigen, Tereo® processed amniotic membrane, to the ocular surface in an ambulatory setting, without the need for surgery or sutures. OmniLenz, developed in conjunction with Menicon Ltd (, provides health care professionals with capability of accessing the healing benefits of amniotic membrane in a routine clinic setting using a simple 4 – 6 minute procedure. 

NuVision are pleased to announce the launch of our digital OmniLenz application training guide, which demonstrates the ease of OmniLenz use:

Dr. Andrew Hopkinson, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of NuVision stated: ‘We developed OmniLenz to make the benefits of amnion-healing accessible in mainstream environment. This presents new  opportunities to treat greater numbers of patients with milder and superficial ocular disease1 in a range of clinical settings. 

With the increased pressures placed on the NHS by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent need to treat patients fast and effectively, away from a theatre setting – OmniLenz application of Omnigen delivers the ability to treat patients in an out-patient setting. NuVision believes OmniLenz application of Omnigen provides a solution that can aid the recovery of service providers to ensure patients receive the best care”

For additional on information on OmniLenz, please visit: or contact NuVision at


1.         Walkden, A., Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Ophthalmology: An Updated Perspective. Clin Ophthalmol 2020, 14, 2057-2072.