Omnilenz bespoke contact lens

What is OmniLenz?

OmniLenz is a bespoke bandage contact lens which allows direct application of Omnigen to the surface of your eye. Bandage contact lenses are routinely used in ophthalmology as a part of standard of care for ocular surface conditions. OmniLenz means Omnigen can be applied without surgery or involving sutures in an outpatient setting, which may mean you receive treatment more quickly.

OmniLenz is easy to apply and remove, just like a normal contact lens. OmniLenz may be used if you have superficial damage to the surface of your eye, such as early disease or damage, inflammation or defects that are not healing.


OmniLenz is easy to apply and remove, just like a normal contact lens.

Why OmniLenz?

OmniLenz® allows you to receive treatment as early as possible, without the need for surgery. OmniLenz® is easy to apply, meaning your treatment may occur quickly without the need to wait for specialist appointments.

The sooner you receive treatment, the better the chance your eye has with healing without long-term complications or visual impairment.

Omnigen is a thin, transparent, natural material derived from the amniotic sac

4-6 minute procedure


Pain relief


Early treatment, better outcomes


How will OmniLenz be applied?

OmniLenz will be applied in a similar manner to a bandage contact lens. Application takes around 4–6 minutes and you remain in an upright position throughout.

As OmniLenz® is a bespoke bandage contact lens, you will have to attend an appointment for your healthcare professional to remove OmniLenz. If you have any questions regarding the application or removal of OmniLenz®, please contact your clinician.

How to access treatment with OmniLenz

OmniLenz is an available treatment on the National Health Service (NHS) and at certain private clinics.

Your clinician will be able to provide information on how you can access treatment with Omnigen or OmniLenz.

We create Omnigen by delicately processing the amniotic sac.