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A unique ‘off the shelf’, transportable dehydrated amniotic membrane-derived biological matrix that can be applied directly to the wound for effective tissue regeneration in a range of clinical situations including ocular surface indications. Omnigen® will equip civilian, military and veterinary surgeons with an immediately accessible, consistent high quality, and reliable product, for tissue reconstruction and restoration.



A bespoke contact lens that allows simple application of Omnigen to the ocular surface without the need for sutures or surgery. OmniLenz conveniently delivers an on demand regenerative therapy for the treatment of a variety of indications in the clinic or the emergency room, when the clinician needs it.



OmniStore is a service offered to hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales, providing the opportunity to return unused, unopened Omnigen to NuVision Biotherapies Ltd so that we can store your product under our Human Tissue Authority Licence, and return it to you by recorded delivery when you next need it.



Bespoke trephines to facilitate creation of uniform wound margin. OmniCutters may provide surgeons with the means to prepare a uniform wound margin for a superficial keratectomy, or tissue wound bed, for effective application of corresponding sized Omnigen.

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